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Injectable Wrinkle Treatment FAQ

Injectable Wrinkle Treatment FAQ

What is Injectable Wrinkle Treatment?

Wrinkle Treatment is a natural protein that is injected into the forehead and other areas of the face to smooth out lines and wrinkles. The procedure is non-surgical and simple, anesthetics typically not being required for the procedure. In addition to lines and wrinkles, natural protein can also be used to treat crow’s feet, lowered eyelid wrinkles, chin dimples, and neck creases. The treatment has been proven to be effective and is currently the most popular way to restore a youthful appearance. Anyone over the age of eighteen who is concerned about skin afflictions, such as wrinkles and frown lines is a prime candidate for this treatment.

How do the injections work?

The injection of natural protein into the muscles tissue causes the muscles that cause wrinkles to become paralyzed, thus relaxing the muscle and resulting in the disappearance of the wrinkles. The full effect of the treatment usually takes a few days to be fully noticeable and become apparent.

How long does the procedure take to complete?

The procedure involves only a few tiny injections and is usually complete in as little as five minutes. The time taken for the procedure will vary from patient to patient, depending on how extensive the treatment is going to be.

Is there any pain that occurs with this procedure?

The discomfort or pain associated with the treatment is minimal and the majority of clients feel nothing at all. Most compare the experience to a slight stinging sensation or the plucking of eyebrows. The treatment is fast, simple, and minimally invasive and usually requires no recovery time at all. In fact, most patients are able to return to normal activities immediately after the treatment has been administered.

Are there any risks associated with the treatment?

The side effects associated with wrinkle treatment are minimal and temporary. Slight bruising or droopy eyelids may occur in some patients, but both of these side effects are also temporary and will likely heal within a few days.


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