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Dermal Fillers FAQ

Dermal Fillers FAQ

What are the potential risks associated with dermal fillers?

There are some risks associated with dermal fillers, such as blood pooling underneath the skin, and in very few case, infection or skin loss may be possible. Permanent fillers may cause clumping (lumps that can be seen or felt underneath the skin) or swelling, which can usually be subsequently treated with an injection of an anti-inflammatory. In very rare cases, clumping or swelling may require additional surgery if it becomes significant enough.

Can dermal fillers cause allergic reactions?

Dermal fillers usually do not pose the risk of allergic reactions in patients unless it has been derived from animal sources, such as Zydem, Zyplast and ArteFill, all of which are derived from cows. Be sure to notify your doctor as to any allergies that you may have so that they can alter the treatment accordingly.

Where can dermal fillers be applied?

Dermal fillers are usually only safe for the face area and should not be sued to rejuvenate the hands or breasts. In some cases, scars or cellulite dimples can be treated with approved dermal fillers for temporary improvement.

Will I be able to feel the filler once injected into my skin?

There patient may feel a little firmness in the treated area once the treatment has been administered, but this should improve within days. The filler is not usually felt under the skin, with the exception of rare cases in which particles underneath the skin clump together to form a granuloma. The risk of such a side effect is usually minimal if the filler is properly injected.

Are there different forms dermal of fillers?

It is usually not sound to use as dermal fillers substances which are not properly branded and approved by physicians. Though some patients choose to use their own fat as a dermal filler, it is much wiser to stick with products which have been proven to be safe and effective.


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