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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne is a genetic, hormonal disease which causes the overproduction of oil (sebum) by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Overproduction of sebum plugs the sebaceous glands. As sebum and dead skin cells are trapped underneath the skin, they solidify as a soft plug, the P. acnes bacteria begins to grow and red inflammatory cystic lesions are produced.

Acne treatments usually work by reducing oil production, speeding up the growth of new skin cells and the removal of dead skin cells, or fighting bacterial infection. Acne treatments, include: Blue Light Therapy, Photo Dynamic Therapy, Laser Treatment, Chemical Peels, Retinoids, Antibiotics and advanced Skin Care Systems.

Acne Treatment Solutions

Blue Light and Photo Dynamic Therapy – painless treatment that kills the P. acnes bacteria in your skin. The Blue Light can be administered alone or in conjunction with a topical application of Photodynamic Therapy for a more long term resolution. Photodynamic therapy is a topical drug that is applied to the skin and activated by light. After a certain period the drug is washed off and the skin is exposed to light. That light energy causes the release of singlet oxygen molecules which have the biologic effect of killing P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne. After two to four weekly treatments most patients experience a reduction in the severity of their acne.

Laser Treatments – Laser Genesis has demonstrated effectiveness in treating the diffuse redness associated with acne. In addition to treating diffuse redness, Laser Genesis promotes fibroblast production of collagen improving the overall texture and condition of the skin.

Chemical Peels – Chemicals, such as glycolic acid, applied to your skin help remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, remove whiteheads and blackheads, and can generate new skin growth.

Retinoids and Antibiotics – Retinoids work by promoting cell turnover and preventing the plugging of the hair follicle. Oral antibiotics kill P. acnes bacteria and reduce inflammation. Topical antibiotics can kill bacteria on the skin’s surface and fight inflammation.

Skin Care Systems – many acne skin care treatments use benzoyl peroxide which can dry up the oil, kill bacteria and promote sloughing of dead skin cells. The Obagi CLENZIderm system is a three step system which uses a breakthrough formula of benzoyl peroxide that penetrates the pores deeply and achieves clearer skin in as little as two weeks.

Acne treatments are ideal for:

  • Permanently eliminating acne and breakouts
  • Smoothing scarring
  • Restoring skin tone

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Our treatments are optimized to be non-surgical.
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